Sponsorship criteria, how to submitt

Sponsorship Criteria

Sponsorships Criteria

At HSBC Bank Canada, we view sponsorship both as an investment and as an opportunity to connect with customers and colleagues in the local communities in which we serve.

We know the importance of learning from and understanding the different countries, cultures and people around the world, and bring these understandings to our sponsorship philosophy. It is for this reason that our sponsorships are specifically focused on sports, education and embracing global communities
and cultures.

We welcome opportunities that help bring to life our areas of focus, and that provide tangible benefits for the brand and business.

Please review the Sponsorship Criteria Checklist to see if your event or organization is a suitable fit, and submit a proposal via our online form.

Our Marketing Department will respond to your proposal in 15 to 30 days.

Sponsorship vs. Charitable Donations

If you’re not sure whether you should be applying for sponsorship or a donation, you’re not alone. Every year, we receive sponsorship enquiries from organizations that would be better candidates for charitable donations and vice versa.

To determine which program is the best fit for your organization or event, refer to the table below:

Sponsorships vs. Charitable Donations
  Sponsorships Donations
Type of organization / event For-profit Not-for-profit
Audience Existing or potential HSBC customers Local communities
Benefits to HSBC Builds HSBC brand, business and reputation Builds community
Managed by HSBC Marketing Department HSBC

Sponsorship Criteria Checklist

View the checklist to see if there is a fit

Sponsorship Proposal Submissions

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