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Chip & PIN

Chip & PIN – the global standard in credit card security

Every new HSBC Mastercard® comes equipped with chip technology:

  • Advanced technology – Chip cards contain an embedded microchip that is extremely difficult to copy, giving you enhanced protection against card fraud.
  • Added security – Working together, your Chip & PIN ensure you are the only one using your card.
  • Save time – Enter your PIN on a chip terminal and complete your purchase faster than using your signature.
  • How do I get my PIN? – Your PIN will arrive in the mail a few days before you receive your new HSBC Mastercard. It’s easy to change your PIN at any HSBC Bank Canada ATM.

How to use your chip card

At a chip terminal:

  1. Insert your chip card
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Remove your card when the transaction is complete

You usually don’t need your signature for chip purchases, but you’ll need to use your PIN for ALL purchases at chip terminals.

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Using a chip card

  • What is the difference in the way we use chip cards vs. magnetic stripe cards? Magnetic stripe credit cards are swiped at a retailer when you make purchases and completed with your signature. A chip terminal requires that you insert your chip card into the terminal and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.
  • Where can I use my chip card? Anywhere in the world. Simply insert your chip card into a retailer's chip terminal, follow the prompts and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

If you use your chip card at a location that does not yet have a chip terminal, your card can be swiped because it also has a magnetic stripe. You will then need to sign to verify the payment.

Security & Privacy

  • If chip technology is more secure, does that mean payment systems using magnetic stripe technology are not secure? Magnetic stripe technology continues to be a safe form of electronic payment. Chip technology is an evolution of the electronic payments system designed to make an already safe payments system even more secure.
  • What information is stored on the chip? Payment related information (such as card number) is stored on the chip, which allows transactions to be authorized and processed. This is the same type of information currently stored on magnetic stripe cards.

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