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Investment Insights Centre

Knowledge is the key to investment success. The Investment Insights Centre can help you better understand the world of investing and make more informed decisions with access to insights, market updates, tools and perspectives of investment experts from around the world.


Global Outlook

Global Chief Investment Officers from HSBC Global Asset Management share their outlook across global equity, fixed income, multi-asset and liquidity markets

Watch the "To 2018 and beyond - Multi Asset Outlook" video
December 2017 - Year End Outlook

Canada Report

Gain insights into what's ahead for 2018.

January 2018

Macro Insights

Key insights into markets events from some of HSBC’s leading investment experts

China Insights - March
China Insights - February


Life Stage Calculators

Tools for all of life’s financial milestones.

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Future of Retirement

Access retirement insights and tools

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Expat Explorer: Broadening perspectives

Explore the top global expat destinations ranking.


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