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RRSP HSBC 50/50 Capital Growth GIC Bundle

Stock Market GIC 50/50 Capital Growth Bundle (RRSP)

Combine the growth potential of a 3-year HSBC Canadian Index Stock Market GIC with a preferred-rate 3-year Canadian Dollar GIC – all in one investment solution.

Enjoy guaranteed returns while accessing potential gains of the Canadian stock market.

In this innovative investment product, 50% of your deposit will earn interest at a preferred rate while the other 50% of your deposit has the potential to earn a higher rate at maturity based on the growth of the S&P TSX 60®.

Your principal investment is 100% guaranteed and is eligible for CDIC insurance, subject to the maximum coverage allowed under the program.

Terms are as follows:

  • Branch Selling Period: June 10, 2013 – July 2, 2013
  • Investment Start Date: July 5, 2013
  • Minimum Investment Amount: CAD $10,000

Additional details

  • Consider a non-registered version of the
  • See how HSBC index-linked GIC products work and how they are performing with our Market Tracker

50/50 Capital Growth GIC Bundle details

50/50 Capital Growth GIC Bundle (RRSP)

INVESTMENT COMPOSITION Stock Market GIC Portion (RRSP) Special Rates RRSP GIC Portion
RETURN IS BASED ON Performance of S&P/TSX 60® Canadian Dollar Non-Redeemable 3 year GIC
TERMS AVAILABLE 3 years 3 years
MINIMUM RETURN RATE 0% (0% annual compound equivalent) 2.15% fixed rate (annual compound equivalent)
PARTICIPATION RATE (see how this is used in "Interest Calculation Method", below) 55% Not applicable
NUMBER OF INDICES 1 Not applicable
INDEX WEIGHTING S&P/TSX 60® = 100% Not applicable
INTEREST CALCULATION METHOD Subject to the Minimum Return Rate, the amount of interest earned is calculated as follows: (1.) for each index, (a) take the average of the closing index levels on the preset quarterly observation dates; (b) subtract from the average the Initial Index Level; (c) divide this difference by the Initial Index Level to get the Average Index Return; (2.) add the Average Index Return for each index and divide by the number of applicable indices to get the Index Based Interest Rate; (3.) multiply the Index Based Interest Rate by the Participation Rate. If the Index Based Interest Rate multiplied by the Participation Rate is less than the Minimum Return Rate, only the Minimum Return Rate will be paid. Interest is calculated daily, compounded annually and paid at maturity.
PRINCIPAL PROTECTION 100% principal protected by the issuer 100% principal protected by the issuer
CDIC COVERAGE Eligible for CDIC insurance Eligible for CDIC insurance
INTEREST RATE PRIOR TO THE START DATE (applicable to RRSP version only) 0.25% during the selling period (RRSP only) 0.25% during the selling period (RRSP only)
RESTRICTIONS Non-redeemable, non auto-renewable, not eligible for RRIF/RESP/TFSA Non-redeemable, non-renewable, not eligible for RRIF/RESP/TFSA

To review examples of how a return is calculated when the Index Based Interest Rate is both positive and negative, please see examples. We recommend that you review these examples carefully before purchasing your Stock Market GIC to ensure you understand how your applicable interest rate will be determined.
(Last updated: 2010 - 12 - 06)

For additional disclosure on the indices referred to above, click S&P/TSX 60®, Hang Seng Index®, KOSPI 200 Index, MSCI Singapore IndexSM, MSCI Taiwan IndexSM, S&P 500® Low Volatility Index, S&P BRIC 40 Index

Refer to the product Standard Terms and Conditions (RRSP or non-RRSP) and the Stock Market GIC Term Sheet (Asian: 36 Month; Canadian: 36 Month, 59 Month; USA: 36 Month, 59 Month options) for product details.

Registered Savings Plan option available.

For full details on sale dates, how interest is calculated and paid to you and for a description of the stock market index, please refer to the product Terms and Conditions and the Term Sheet. You may also obtain a copy of the Terms and Conditions and the Term Sheet at any HSBC branch. Rates are subject to change without notice. For information and to confirm most recent rates, please contact any HSBC branch.

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