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Moving to Canada

Transfer your credit history

Keep the credit history you have worked so hard to establish, and make your transition to Canada easier.

Without your transferred credit history, you’ll need to start from scratch proving to others that you can be counted upon to make monthly payments on time.

An established Canadian credit rating makes it easier to:

  • Obtain a credit card
  • Purchase a home
  • Apply for a loan to cover moving expenses

Let us help you get established

If you’ve been an HSBC client for over 3 months, the HSBC International Banking Centre can help you transfer your HSBC credit history to Canada so it is here when you arrive. Our experts can also answer other financial questions you might have and help you set up other financial services in Canada.

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HSBC Advance for Newcomers

HSBC Advance1 for Newcomers can provide you with a full range of products and services that makes the transition to Canada easier. It also offers you special credit qualifications that give you a chance to become established – so you can build your credit history here more quickly.

To be considered for HSBC Advance for Newcomers, you must:

  • Be immigrating to Canada or have arrived in Canada within 3 years
  • Provide proof of landed immigrant status or proof of foreign worker status
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Other ways to build your credit history in Canada

In order to establish a credit history, you need to borrow money and pay it back over time. Here are two ways to do this:

  • Apply for a retail store or gasoline credit card
    They’re a good start to help you build a credit history if you always pay your balances, or minimum payments, on time. By making timely payments, you'll start building a credit history.
  • Apply for a credit card like an HSBC MasterCard®
    Making purchases on a credit card and repaying the balance or minimum payment on time is another way to build your credit history. Interest rates on major credit cards are usually much lower than those on retail store and gasoline credit cards.

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1HSBC Advance requires you to have an active HSBC Advance chequing account and:

• maintain combined personal deposits and investments with HSBC Bank Canada and its subsidiaries of $25,000, or
• hold personal HSBC mortgage balances of $150,000 or greater.

Some exclusions apply. A monthly fee of $25 may be charged if you do not meet these minimum balance requirements (fee may change from time to time). For full details regarding eligibility and any fees which may apply please refer to the Personal Service Charges/Statement of Disclosure available at any HSBC Bank Canada branch or online at

®MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Used pursuant to license.

Transfer your HSBC credit history to help you get established.

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