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Move your money with you

To make your transition to Canada as easy as possible, get the guidance and expert advice you need from the HSBC International Banking Centre. You can receive help with your international bank transfer needs including setting up your HSBC Canadian bank accounts before you leave, transferring your HSBC credit history, and ensuring your finances are in order when you arrive.

Set up your Canadian accounts before you move

The HSBC International Banking Centre can help ensure:

  • The accounts you need are set up1 and available when you arrive
  • Your new HSBC Bank Canada credit and debit cards are ready for use as soon as you arrive in Canada2
  • You have a worry-free transition to your new home knowing that your finances are in order
  • To receive your account, all you need to do is bring your passport and proof of address to your Canadian HSBC branch after you arrive3

Get valuable financial insight

Before you leave your home country, let the experts at our International Banking Centre answer your questions about banking in Canada and help you set up the financial services you will need.

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Transfer your credit history

If you have had an active HSBC account for 3 months or more, the International Banking Centre can help transfer your HSBC credit history to Canada.

Learn more about transferring your credit history

All account opening requests are subject to approval.

1Account opening fee is waived for HSBC Premier customers. Certain fees apply with other HSBC relationships. Retail account opening is $200 CAD, HSBC Advance account opening is $100 CAD – fees include the service of transferring HSBC credit history.

2Canadian residential address must be provided in order to apply for the Credit Card prior to arrival in Canada.

3Required documentation for account opening prior to arrival may vary. Please contact the International Banking Centre for more details.

Make your move to Canada easier using HSBC’s International Banking Centre

Before you arrive in Canada
Visit your local HSBC branch in your home country for international account opening assistance.

Already in Canada
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