Anyone who uses the Internet should be aware of the potential risks – and how to avoid them.

Email scams and identity theft. Computer viruses, spyware and financial malware.

In this section you can find out what we do to protect you, how to protect yourself and who to contact if you spot online fraud.

  • How we protect you
    When you bank online with HSBC, you're protected by our global security network and by advanced security technology.
  • How to protect yourself
    Find out what steps you can take to protect your computer from hackers, viruses and spyware. And learn how to stay safe online when you bank, browse and shop. You can also read tips on how to prevent card and identity theft and how to recognize online fraud.
  • Report fraud
    You should contact us immediately if you suspect someone has used your account or credit card fraudulently. We have 24-hour international helplines for HSBC account fraud, HSBC credit card fraud and for non-HSBC customers to report suspicious activities linked to our name.
  • Free downloads
    Discover how our free to download software will give you secure web browsing.

We work with you to protect your account information. Under our Security Guarantee, we will fully reimburse you for unauthorized transactions conducted in your personal accounts through HSBC Personal Internet Banking or HSBC Mobile Banking if you have met your security responsibilities: Know Your Responsibilities.

Security Device

The HSBC Security Device provides an extra level of protection when you bank online to ensure that only you can access your HSBC accounts.

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