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We require two government issued identity documents along with your credit card application. This information will be used to verify your identity during application processing as well as when you visit an HSBC branch to collect your credit card.
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If you wish to add Authorized Users to your account, please call the number on the back of your HSBC Mastercard or visit an HSBC Bank Canada Branch once you have received and activated your card.

Quebec only: It is the express wish of parties that this agreement and any related documents be in English. Les parties demandent expressément que cette convention et tous les documents s’y rattachant soient rédigés en anglais.

Terms and Conditions
In this section "you" and "I" means the applicant. Please review and indicate your agreement of the following by checking the confirmation box below and your HSBC Mastercard Application.
  • You have been provided with the Online Application Agreement governing this online application and have read and accepted the terms of that agreement.
  • You have been provided with the HSBC World Elite Mastercard - Rates and Fees Information Box and have reviewed all such information.
  • You have been provided with and consent to receiving the Online Application Agreement and the HSBC World Elite Mastercard - Rates and Fees Information Box electronically. Save or Print a copy of each document and this application for your records and future reference. If you are not able to print of save copied for your records, you can obtain copies of the online application agreement and/or the rates and fees information box by calling HSBC Customer Care at
  • I have read the Rates and Fees Information Box and the Applicant Terms and Conditions, including the section called Customer Information Consent which explains the collection, use and sharing of personal information. I accept all of these terms.
  • As part of doing business with you, I understand that I am required to provide you with personal information about me and any Authorized Users from time to time. By making this application, I agree to HSBC’s treatment of my and any Authorized Users’ personal information.
  • I understand that you consider any Authorized User to be a Connected Person for the purpose of the Customer Information Consent.
  • I have obtained consent from any Authorized Users to collect and provide to you the personal information required by the application form.
  • I am aware that the HSBC World Elite Mastercard is a premium card and that it imposes higher card acceptance costs on merchants.
  • I understand that, as part of this application, HSBC Bank Canada and its affiliates require my consent to obtain and share information about me with a credit reporting agency. This includes credit related inquiries which leave a record on my credit file with them and may affect my credit score and ability to obtain credit. It also includes account reviews which do not affect my credit score. For as long as I have this product or owe HSBC Bank Canada and its affiliates money, this consent will remain valid.
  • I agree that HSBC Bank Canada and its affiliates will obtain and use this information from time to time to:

  • Evaluate my application for and assess their willingness to provide me with this product,
  • Set limits or privileges associated with this product, for instance, transaction limits and hold funds periods and limits,
  • Open, maintain, close and collect on my accounts, and
  • Market or promote products and services of HSBC Bank Canada and its related companies that may be of interest to me, unless I have asked them not to obtain and use my information for this purpose.

I understand that I can access the credit report information and rectify any errors it contains by contacting the credit reporting agency directly. I can visit a branch or call 1-888-310-HSBC(4722) for the contact details of the relevant credit reporting agency or to withdraw my optional consent to marketing or promotion.

By submitting below I consent to HSBC Bank Canada and its affiliates collecting and using credit report and other information about me from a credit reporting agency.

You must check the "Confirm" button below and click "Submit" to continue. By clicking "Confirm" and submitting this Application, you acknowledge your agreement to each of the above statements.

Please select the branch at which you would like to collect your HSBC Credit Card.
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Please ensure you carry two original government issued IDs with you when collecting your card from an HSBC branch. Examples of acceptable ID include passport, a driving license issued in North America (Canada, United States of America and Mexico), and Canadian Permanent Residence Card.
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