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Simplify your banking and save money when you consolidate your finances at HSBC with the convenience of eSwitch.

Doing your day-to-day banking at just one bank can make your life easier and help you save money by reducing the number of service charges you pay.

eSwitch is a convenient and hassle-free way to transfer your direct payroll deposit and pre-authorized bank account transactions from your current financial institution to your HSBC bank account – all at no cost to you.

Simply visit your local HSBC branch where an HSBC representative will assist you with completing the eSwitch form and opening up a chequing account that best suits your lifestyle and needs. It's that easy.

What you will need

Once the eSwitch form is completed, the eSwitch centre will contact you for details about:

  • Your existing bank accounts, and
  • Any pre-authorized bills (company name, address, account number, payment amount, payment date and frequency of the transaction)

eSwitch will take care of the rest.

  • Transferring your pre-authorized transactions from your old financial institution to HSBC
  • Scheduling the changes so you can manage your cash flow through the transition
  • Sending a request to close your old bank account
  • Providing you with a detailed record of the changes

You'll receive a detailed record of the changes and eSwitch guarantees no payments will be missed during your switch to HSBC.

Make the Switch

HSBC has a Chequing Account that suits you and your lifestyle, and fits your day-to-day banking needs.
Compare chequing accounts to find the right chequing account for you.

eSwitch cannot assist with the transfer process of government transactions such as e-payments from Canada Revenue Agency, payments from Government Pension, etc. as they require specific government forms.

®eSwitch is a registered trademark of D+H Limited Partnership.

To make the switch to HSBC, visit your HSBC branch

or call 1-888-310-4722

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