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Ways to bank

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Ways to bank

When and how we bank has come a long way. Today we expect to do our banking at any time from almost anywhere. To meet these expectations of our customers, at HSBC we have ensured there are as many ways you can bank as you would expect, from digital banking services to traditional in-branch support.

So whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, we provide you the options to manage your money how you want, and when you want.

Online Banking

Online banking is today the most commonly used way to bank. It's convenient - no line-ups, no opening or closing hours - and you can bank from the comfort of your home or even when travelling. You can pay bills, transfer funds between your HSBC accounts, manage your money or open some eligible accounts (including Savings, Foreign Currency Savings, GICs, Term Deposits and TFSAs) online at any time.

Online Banking Features

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds between your HSBC accounts
  • INTERAC® e-Transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Check balances
  • Open some eligible accounts
  • Update your personal profile details, such as address

Mobile Banking

Today most people have powerful mobile devices that are much more than just a phone. With the convenience and security that come with these high-tech devices many people are increasingly using them for banking, as well.

Simply download the HSBC mobile app to your phone or tablet today and you can do most of your daily banking transactions on the go.

Mobile Banking Features

Telephone Banking

Your daily banking is just a phone call away. Call us to complete many banking transactions, from paying your bills and checking your balances, to opening a new savings account or purchasing a GIC. All on the phone.

Telephone Banking Features

  • Check balances
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds between your HSBC accounts
  • Update your personal profile details, such as address

ATM Banking

Take advantage of our extensive HSBC ATM network to make withdrawals and deposits, transfer funds, pay your bills and more. Wherever you are in Canada, just look for THE EXCHANGE® Network logo to access our no charge ATM network.

*Regular account transaction fees may apply per ATM transaction depending on your account package.

Use your chip and PIN protected HSBC bank card to access our ATM network day or night to withdraw or deposit cash.

ATM Banking Features

  • Withdrawals and deposits
  • U.S. dollar withdrawals at select HSBC branch  ATMs
  • Pay bills and transfer funds between your HSBC accounts
  • Check balances

Branch Banking

Visit your local HSBC branch where our staff are ready to assist with any of your more extensive banking needs. Most branches are open later or 6 days a week.

Branch Banking Features

  • Local and global support - Receive insights to meet your needs on a global perspective
  • Plan for your future
  • Contribute to your RRSP
  • Purchase GICs
  • And more

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Connecting Business customers to opportunities

HSBC is the world’s leading international bank in supporting business locally and abroad, whatever their size. With our global experience, local knowledge and our specialized teams, we can help your company achieve its ambitions.

Small Business Banking

For small businesses located in Canada with an annual gross revenue below $5 million (CAD), and looking for simple products and digital tools to help manage the day to day operation of their business.

Business and Corporate Banking

For business and corporates, looking for products and services to help your business grow and manage more complex business needs. Visit now and see how we can help your business grow.