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Review the selection of HSBC market-linked GICs offering you the growth potential and full protection of your principal. Even if the market declines, your original investment is guaranteed and will be returned to you in full at maturity.

Select a product to learn how it works and to view its performance history, by year and by month.

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For Indication Purposes Only. The GIC returns illustration provides an indication of the interest return of your GIC if the maturity date were as of today's date. The actual interest return cannot be calculated prior to the maturity date of your GIC and may differ from what is provided in this illustration. This GIC is not redeemable before the maturity date. Neither this illustration nor the historical levels of these indices (or "index" if only one index) should be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance can be given that the level of the indices (or "index" if only one index) will increase relative to the initial level during the term of the GIC or that there will be a return on the index based GIC.

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