Account Alerts

Account Alerts

Account alerts is a service you can subscribe to through Online banking, where you’ll receive text messages to notify you of your account activities. Once you subscribe, you’ll first receive a welcome message.

Get real time information

Choose to receive text messages that will help you stay on top of your account activity.

  • “I want to know when my paycheque is deposited”
    Choose a Credit notification alert: Receive an alert when a payment above a specified amount has been credited to your account.
  • “Let me know when my balance is less than $1,000”
    Choose a Balance below alert: Receive an alert if the balance on your account falls below a specified balance.
  • “Remind me when my Term Deposit is coming up for renewal”
    Choose a Term deposit/GIC alert: Receive an alert when your Term deposit/GIC account is about to mature.
  • “Alert me when my mortgage payment is withdrawn”
    Choose a Debit notification alert: Receive an alert when a payment or withdrawal above a specified amount has been debited from your account.
  • “I want to know when I’ve reached my savings goal for my vacation”
    Choose a Balance above alert: Receive an alert if the balance on your account goes above a specified balance.

You can get more information by texting ‘INFO’, or ‘HELP’ to 24722 for more information on your Account alerts.

Other messages (non-Account alerts) you may receive from us about your Online banking service

As an HSBC Online banking customer, you may receive emails or text messages related to:

  • Online banking registration
  • Changes to your username, password or security questions
  • Security Device activation, replacement or PIN / Passcode reset

Frequently Asked Questions

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My telephone does not alert me when there is an incoming message.

What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

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