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Diversify your investments with a global perspective

HSBC World Selection® Diversified Funds

Choose HSBC World Selection® Diversified Funds, and take the guesswork out of investing in global markets. This unique, globally diversified investment solution can help you meet your financial goals with a broad mix of assets in a disciplined, low maintenance investment.


Start today with $500, or with as little as $25 per month through a regular investment plan (weekly and bi-weekly savings options also available).

Add global diversity to your portfolio with World Selection® Diversified Funds.

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Benefits and details

Your gateway to a world of investments

When you invest in World Selection® Diversified Funds, you access wealth-building opportunities from local and global investment managers. Let our HSBC Mutual Fund Advisors help you choose a fund that contains investments best suited to your financial goals:

  • Select a fund based on your investment needs and risk tolerance, from conservative to aggressive
  • Benefit from the professional money management of HSBC*
  • Capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets

Global management expertise

You can rest easy knowing that your World Selection® Diversified Fund is continuously monitored by portfolio managers who:

  • Offer on-the-ground support while living and working in the same markets as the funds they manage
  • Ensure your fund remains in line with your investment objectives and adapts to rapidly changing market conditions

HSBC World Selection® Diversified Fund opportunities

Stay up-to-date on your investments

When you invest with HSBC, you can:

  • View real-time fund details, including performance, top holdings, daily unit price, distributions and more through online fund profile reports
  • Evaluate your investment status with quarterly statements
  • View your account balance and portfolio history online, anytime with Online Banking

What kind of investor are you?

Every investor has different goals, attitudes towards risk, and amounts to invest. These can influence how you invest. Most people fall into one of these investor types:

  • Conservative – Lower risk investor, choosing investments that offer stability and security
  • Moderate Conservative – Moderate risk investor, taking preservation of capital into consideration
  • Balanced – Investor who wants a combination of investments to preserve capital while taking advantage of the potential of higher risk investments
  • Growth – Higher risk investor, looking for long-term growth potential
  • Aggressive Growth – Higher risk investor ready to accept the potential highs and lows of a more aggressive portfolio with the potential for more volatility

Still not sure of your investor type? Meet with an HSBC Mutual Fund Advisor to help determine which World Selection® Diversified Fund is right for you.

Consider HSBC World Selection® Diversified Funds as the foundation of your RRSP holdings

Ensure you have a broadly diversified retirement portfolio that balances your investment needs with global opportunities.

®World Selection is a registered trademark of HSBC Group Management Services Limited.

HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited (“AMCA”) is the manager and primary investment advisor for the HSBC Mutual Funds. HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc. (“HIFC”) is the principal distributor of the HSBC Mutual Funds. HSBC Mutual Funds are also distributed through authorized dealers. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the HSBC Fund Facts before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed or covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada, or any other deposit insurer. Their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. The unit value of money market funds may not remain constant.

HIFC is a direct subsidiary of AMCA and an indirect subsidiary of HSBC Bank Canada, and provides its services in all provinces of Canada except Prince Edward Island. AMCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate entity from, HSBC Bank Canada and provides its services in all provinces of Canada except Prince Edward Island.

* Third party managers may be used

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