Maximize your financial potential

When it comes to growing, preserving and transitioning wealth, it’s important to have a strong, tailored plan. A sound plan helps guide your financial decisions and gives you peace of mind that the choices you make are right for you.

Build a comprehensive plan forward

At HSBC Private Wealth Services (Canada) Inc., you will have the resource of a dedicated Wealth Planner who can help you build a comprehensive path forward, designed specifically to meet your personal and financial goals.

Your Wealth Planner will work with you to develop a wealth plan that encompasses the following:

  • Financial and retirement planning
    Receive expert guidance on certain aspects of growing and enjoying your wealth. We can help you understand if you’re on track to enjoy the retirement you have in mind, or we can help you develop an appropriate plan to get there.
  • Risk and protection
    Be advised of areas in which you can benefit from having wealth preservation strategies in place.
  • Cash flow optimization
    Learn if you have sufficient liquidity for today’s needs, balanced with the achievement of longer-term goals.
  • Philanthropic planning
    Discover how best to support the issues and organizations that are meaningful to you.
  • Business transition planning
    Receive guidance on creating and implementing a plan that focuses on the long- term success of your business when you’re ready to move to the next phase of your life.
  • Education planning
    Understand the anticipated future costs of your child’s or grandchild’s education, and your options for providing for them.
  • Estate and legacy planning
    Develop a plan for an efficient transfer of assets, according to your wishes.

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