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Our solutions, personalized to you

At HSBC Private Client Services, we understand that our clients are multi-dimensional. This is why we provide a wide range of solutions and strategies tailored to meet your unique financial goals and needs.

Supporting the ambitions of you and your family

Whatever your needs are, we can help. Our team of specialists work closely with you and your family to develop customized lending solutions that manages both sides of your balance sheet and makes efficient use of your assets.

You will be appointed a dedicated Private Client Relationship Manager, that will be your primary point of contact and will work with you and other members of a multi-skilled team to help achieve your desires – now and into the future.

A Premier Officer will also be on hand to support you with day-to-day banking essentials, ensuring they are managed with diligence, care and attention.

Cash management and banking

Customized lending solutions

Financing can play an important role in your wealth management strategy. Whether accessing liquidity, borrowing to diversify your holdings, preserving capital, or facilitating the seamless transfer of wealth to the next generation, we can help.

Cross-border and international banking solutions*,+

We also work with international teams to open overseas accounts, facilitate support for obtaining mortgages and offer lending and investment services*,+. With HSBC Private Client Services, you can bank seamlessly: viewing all accounts in one place, transferring your credit history, and enjoying privileges and status across all HSBC regions where it is offered.

Distinctive privileges and benefits

Extended privileges for you and your family

Your spouse and children (17 years of age and older) will benefit from Private client status, so that you can all enjoy the benefits and work jointly to define your family’s multigenerational plan. For children who are 16 years of age or younger, they can benefit from Premier5 status and privileges.

Unique benefits with HSBC Concierge2

Your gateway for exclusive benefits6 and priority access. From fine dining, spa and luxury travel to fashion, golf, technology and entertainment. Enjoy experiences that are effortless, enjoyable and extraordinary.

Investment Services

Our global reach means we are able to introduce you to a wide selection of investment opportunities.

We believe in investing for the long term, in a controlled and considered way, that improves the consistency of your returns. Central to our investment approach is our deep-rooted belief that diversification is key to achieving optimum returns within your own personal accepted level of risk.

Tailored to you

No matter where you are in your investment journey, you may receive highly specialized support from our discretionary portfolio management service, HSBC Private Investment Counsel3.

Your Investment Counsellor3 will talk in-depth with you about your investment goals. It's important to gain an understanding of your risk approach, the returns you would like to achieve and timelines.

Working with a Portfolio Manager7, they will create a distinctive portfolio that will help you achieve your bespoke objectives.

Our time-tested, disciplined process

We seek to make the most of the investment cycle, to continuously yield positive results and keep you on track to reach your investment objectives.

Our Portfolio Managers7 take into account world markets, geopolitics and global economic factors. This ensures your portfolio is diversified, and that investment decisions are made to balance risk against performance and to optimize your portfolio.

Wealth and succession planning

Our offering is about so much more than managing your investments. Our experienced Wealth Planners4 are here to help you manage and preserve your wealth across generations. We will aid you by providing you with tax projections to help minimize your tax obligations, protecting your assets and planning for your family’s legacy.

Our comprehensive wealth planning solutions include:

  • Retirement and cash flow planning 
  • Education planning 
  • Business succession planning 
  • Tax planning including cross-border & International*,+
  • Personal and professional protection 
  • Estate and legacy planning 
  • Trust planning 
  • Philanthropic planning 
  • Financial literacy

Supplementary advisory service8 support

We also provide supplementary support through our strategic advisory partnerships connecting you to sophisticated teams across multiple disciplines in the areas of transactions and tax, assurance, legacy, legal and strategy.

Let's start the conversion

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Issued by HSBC Bank Canada

* Please contact your representative for availability.  All financing is dependent on personal circumstances and tailored to your needs.

+ Regional services are country-specific. Please contact your representative for more information.

1 HSBC Private Client Services is available exclusively to HSBC Premier customers. To qualify, customers need to hold in CAD with HSBC Bank Canada (i) a minimum of $1 million in personal deposits and investments or (ii) both a minimum of $500,000 in personal deposits and investments and personal residential mortgage balances of at least $1,500,000. Full terms and conditions are available at

2 Private clients will enter into a direct agreement with Ten Lifestyle Group PLC under which Ten Lifestyle Group PLC and its affiliates will deliver the lifestyle service available under the HSBC concierge service. HSBC will not be a party to that agreement and will not be responsible for the delivery of the lifestyle services.

3 The Private Investment Counsel service is a discretionary portfolio management service offered by HSBC Private Investment Counsel (Canada) Inc. (HPIC). Under this discretionary service, assets of participating clients will be invested by HPIC or its delegated portfolio manager, HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited (AMCA), in securities, may include but not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pooled funds and derivatives. Commissions, management fees, custodial fees and expenses all may be associated with the use of the Private Investment Counsel service. Neither the Private Investment Counsel service nor any of the securities purchased as part of the Private Investment Counsel service are guaranteed or covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada, or any other investor protection fund or deposit insurer. The value of an investment in or purchased as part of the Private Investment Counsel service may change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. HPIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate legal entity from, HSBC Bank Canada and provides its services in all provinces of Canada, except Prince Edward Island. AMCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate entity from, HSBC Bank Canada. Full terms and conditions are available at

4 Private Wealth Planning services are offered through HSBC Private Investment Counsel (Canada) Inc. (HPIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate legal entity from, HSBC Bank Canada and provides its services in all provinces of Canada, except Prince Edward Island.

5 HSBC Premier requires you to have an active HSBC Premier chequing account, and maintain combined personal deposits and investments with HSBC Bank Canada and its subsidiaries of $100,000 or hold a personal HSBC Bank Canada residential mortgage with original amount of $500,000 or greater. Some exclusions apply. A monthly fee will be charged if you do not meet at least one of the eligibility criteria above. For full details regarding eligibility and any fees which may apply please refer to the Personal Service Charges/Statement of Disclosure available at any HSBC Bank Canada branch or online at

6“Privileges”, “Member benefits”, “benefits” refers to entities that provide Private Client Services benefits but are not members of the HSBC group of companies. All benefits offered by a Partner are subject to the Partner’s terms and conditions and may be subject to change by the Partner. Full details about partners, speak to your Private Client Relationship Manager or visit HSBC Concierge at

7Portfolio Management for the Private Investment Counsel service is provided by HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited.

8Additional advisory services  may be offered by Advisory Firms who HSBC Bank Canada and its subsidiaries, including HSBC Private Investment Counsel (Canada) Inc. and HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc. (collectively, HSBC), have entered into referral agreements with. Under these agreement, HSBC, at its discretion, can refer its clients on a non-exclusive basis. HSBC will not receive any referral fee or commission. HSBC is not making any recommendation or giving any advice as to the Advisory Firms or any of their services, and makes no representation or guarantees as to the Advisory Firms’ suitability or quality of service or staff and is not responsible whatsoever in connection with your dealings with or services provided by the Advisory Firms or reliance on any advice provided by the Advisory Firms.  You have the right to seek professional advisory services from a firm of your choice and you are under no obligation to use the Advisory Firms.  The Advisory Firms are under no obligation to accept you as a client or provide you with any services. All services provided by the Advisory Firms to you will be subject to the Advisory Firms’ own terms and conditions.  The Advisory Firms (and not HSBC) are solely responsible for the delivery and quality of their services. 

Important Information about HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc. (“HIFC”)

HIFC is the principal distributor of the HSBC Mutual Funds and offers the HSBC Mutual Funds and/or the HSBC Pooled Funds through the HSBC World Selection® Portfolio service. HIFC is a subsidiary of AMCA, and indirect subsidiary of HSBC Bank Canada, and provides its products and services in all provinces of Canada except Prince Edward Island. Mutual fund investments are subject to risks. Please read the Fund Facts before investing.

®World Selection is a registered trademark of HSBC Group Management Services Limited.

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