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Living your best retirement life

You’ve finally arrived — your retirement starts now! All that hard work and planning has opened this new stage of your life. What are you going to do with it?

At HSBC, we’re here to help you make the choices to live your best life in retirement. HSBC My Goals[@relationshipmanagers] will keep your plans on track throughout your retirement and give you peace of mind as you enjoy your next act.

Planning in retirement

It’s a new day. Your focus has shifted from planning for the future to living it. Now you need to think about how your finances will support your lifestyle, instead of saving for it.

No doubt you have questions about drawing down your assets — maybe even selling your home and downsizing? HSBC My Goals can help. We can work with you to sort out the little things, like monthly budgeting, and the big things, like managing your money and whether you wish to leave a legacy for your kids or other loved ones.

HSBC My Goals pays dividends when it comes to your quality of life

Having a solid goal plan and advice you can trust may help provide you with the confidence and freedom to exhale in retirement and focus on the really important things.

Staying busy

A relaxing retirement doesn’t mean you can’t stay busy. The happiest retirees are often as busy as they were during their careers. Consider keeping your work calendar and repurpose it for retirement. Creating a schedule and maintaining structure may support a smooth and tranquil transition into your retirement lifestyle.

Replacing work

Some people go as far as starting a second career in retirement. HSBC My Goals can help you evaluate your options and show you how part-time income, as one example, could fit into your overall financial planning.

For most retirees, volunteering may be more to their liking. Thinking about the parts of your career that you enjoyed most can be a good way to start orienting yourself toward volunteering. Say you liked mentoring younger staff in your previous life. Maybe tutoring kids at your local community centre would give you a sense of purpose?

Let’s get physical

If you’re already an active person, that’s good news for your quality of life in retirement. Take advantage of your freed-up schedule to incorporate your favourite exercise options into your daily routine.

But don’t worry if the gym or bike trails feel like unchartered territory. There are lots of options to kick-start your fitness in your golden years. Start a walking club with your friends. Leave your car at home and take transit to run errands. Check out HSBC My Goals with your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager[@relationshipmanagers] to see how to pay for new fitness equipment like that state-of-the-art electric bike. The main thing to remember is to keep moving in ways that feel good.

Have some fun and stay sharp

Keeping your brain moving is just as important as keeping your body moving. Wordle, Sudoku and crosswords are great additions to a daily routine. But that’s just a warmup. Consider signing up for adult learning at a college or a university. Maybe even pick up some foreign language skills while you’re planning your next trip.

Explore the world and your neighbourhood

Travelling is near the top of many retirees to do list for good reason. Escaping harsh Canadian winters is a no-brainer if you have the budget for it. HSBC My Goals can help you figure out how to plan for expenses.

But fun in the sun isn’t the only reason to travel. Being curious about the world around you has all kinds of health benefits. Sometimes just spending the day exploring a new neighbourhood near where you live can stimulate your senses.

Get started today

Every journey begins with a first step. Your retirement journey is no exception. Speak to an HSBC Premier Relationship Manager[@relationshipmanagers] to get started on your goal-planning journey and live your best life in retirement!

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