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HSBC Performance Chequing-Limited

A Low – Cost chequing account for people who make fewer transactions

Simplified day-to-day banking

Everything you need from a chequing account for a monthly fee of just $4.00. Your first 14 transactions are included and monthly statements help you monitor your account activity

Don’t pay for features you don’t use

It doesn’t make sense to pay a higher monthly fee if you don’t make a lot of transactions – or if you don’t want to keep a minimum balance in your chequing account.

Access your funds when you need them

Manage your money with Personal Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Interac® Direct Payments, pre-authorized and electronic debits, and cheques as required. Your first 14 transactions are included (some exceptions apply. Please refer to our personal service charges brochure for details).

You also have access to all HSBC Bank Canada and THE EXCHANGE®1 network ATMs across Canada. Your first 14 transactions are included.

Monthly Fee Waiver

The monthly fee of $4.00 is waived for youth, students, seniors and Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) beneficiaries1.

Additional Details

In branch bill payment fee
(in excess of 14 debit transactions per month)
$1.50 each
In branch withdrawal
(in excess of 14 debit transactions per month)
$1.00 each
Cheque clearing
(in excess of 14 debit transactions per month)
$0.75 each
Fee for 'self-serve' debit transactions2
(in excess of 14 debit transactions per month)
$0.60 each
Optional overdraft protection fee3 $5.00 (plus interest)
Monthly statement Yes
Interest rates See full rate details here
Interest calculated daily and paid monthly Yes
ATM fees for HSBC Bank Canada and THE EXCHANGE® network ATMs in Canada (in excess of 14 debit transactions per month) $0.60 each
Fees for any other ATMs5 in Canada $1.50 each
ATM fee outside of Canada5 $5.00 each
Currencies Available CAD

Performance Chequing – Standard, Performance Chequing – Student, Performance 60, Peak Performance and Performance Activity accounts are no longer offered by HSBC. For information on any of these accounts, call us at 1-888-310-4722 or visit your local branch.

®1 THE EXCHANGE. User licensed in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited partnership on behalf of Fiserv EFT.

1 Student discount is available to customers age 18 years or older with proof of enrollment in a full-time secondary or post-secondary education program. The discount is effective starting from the date we confirm your enrollment until the graduation date you tell us. If your graduation date changes, please let us know to ensure your discount continues. Additional fees paid before proof of enrollment is confirmed may not be refunded.
Youth discount is available for customers under 18 years of age. Performance Chequing Limited will be provided to such customers without chequing privileges.
Seniors discount is available to customers age 60 years or older. When you turn 60, please let us know. You will get the Senior Discount only after you let us know you are over 60 and provide proof of age. Fees paid before proof of age is confirmed may not be refunded.
RDSP Beneficiary Discount is available for customers who are Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) beneficiaries and provide proof of eligibility. Additional fees paid before eligibility is confirmed may not be refunded.

2 Includes Telephone Banking, Personal Internet Banking, Interac® Direct Payments, Outgoing INTERAC e-Transfer® and pre-authorized/electronic debits.

3 Available to qualified customers. A monthly fee of $5.00 will be charged when the overdraft has been utilized during that month. (plus applicable interest charges).

4 Activity fees apply after maximum number of free transactions is exceeded.

5 Some banks charge an additional convenience fee to use their ATMs.

® Trademark of Interac Inc. HSBC Bank Canada authorized user of the trademark.

Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
Some HSBC accounts and deposit products up to certain dollar amounts are eligible for insurance under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (CDIC). Learn more about CDIC and how CDIC Deposit Insurance works:
• Visit
• Read "Protecting Your Deposits." Visit CDIC to download a copy.
Please note some products, such as foreign currency accounts, are not eligible for CDIC Deposit Insurance.

Chequing accounts in USD are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Learn more by visiting


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