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Effective February 10, 2019, the Low Rate Program and the Optional Rewards program for the HSBC Mastercard and HSBC Gold Mastercard will no longer be available for new enrollments.


  • Personalize your rewards
    Choose between the HSBC Personal Rewards Program or HSBC Cash Back Rewards Program for just $35 per year, per card
  • Annual Interest rate of 19.9%
    Interest rate applies to all purchases and cash advances on your HSBC Mastercard
  • Ease of use
    Simply tap your Card on the contactless payment reader at participating retailers to complete any purchase up to $100 and you’ll be on your way
  • Security
    Chip & PIN technology makes your credit card even more secure by reducing potential fraud
  • Worldwide Acceptance
    Accepted at over 30 million establishments worldwide
  • Select the low rate option
    Reduce your annual interest rate to 12.9% and extend the grace period for just $25 per year (not available in Quebec)
  • Protection and peace of mind
    Receive the benefit of Mastercard Zero Liability1 in the event your card is used without your knowledge
  • Extended warranty2
    Receive double the manufacturer's warranty (up to 1 full year) for items purchased on your HSBC Mastercard

®Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Used pursuant to license.

1Zero Liability does not apply to a Mastercard transaction conducted with a Card or Account number that is: issued to an entity other than a natural person; or issued for a commercial purpose except for any programs specifically designated as "small business"; or issued and/or sold to a person until such time as that person's identity is registered by or on behalf of HSBC Bank Canada in connection with the issuance and/or sale in accordance with HSBC Bank Canada's customer identification program requirements. You will not be held responsible for transactions made in the store, over the telephone, online, via mobile device, or for ATM withdrawals if: the transactions were unauthorized, you have used reasonable care in safeguarding your Card and Account number and related information, including any Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password, and have not otherwise contributed to the unauthorized use of your Card or Account number; and you report any actual or suspected loss or theft or unauthorized use of your Card, PIN, Account number or Cheques to us immediately after becoming aware of it.

2Coverage is underwritten by American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida and/or American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, Assurant Solutions®† companies. All insurance is subject to limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the insurance certificate for full terms, conditions and limitations. ®†Assurant Solutions is a Registered Trademark of Assurant Inc.

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