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Now it’s easier than ever to do your banking, anywhere, anytime – with the new and improved HSBC Mobile Banking app. Simply download it to your phone or tablet today and you can do your daily banking transactions on the go.

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  • Easy to get - Simply download the HSBC Mobile Banking app from the App Store or Google Play then log in the same way you would when using online banking on your computer.
  • Easy to use - Just launch the app on your mobile device anytime to get easy access to all your HSBC accounts. Plus, if you have an Apple iPhone 5S or newer, you can use Touch ID for quicker access.
  • Safe and secure - Now available through the HSBC Mobile Banking app, the Digital Security Device provides an extra level of protection for certain types of online banking transactions. You can also take advantage of fingerprint access with Touch ID and enjoy the same great level of security when banking on your phone or tablet.
  • Convenient - With the HSBC Mobile Banking app, many of the transactions you do in-branch or on your computer can now be done on your mobile device. You can pay a bill, transfer funds between your HSBC accounts, check your balance, even deposit a cheque – and much more.


Mobile cheque deposit

Depositing a cheque to your account is now as easy as taking a picture with your phone. Just launch the HSBC Mobile Banking app, log in, snap a photo of the front and the back of the cheque and hit ‘Submit’, and the funds will automatically be deposited to your account.

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Apple Pay

Just link your iPhone to your HSBC credit card, and you can make payments at many retailers using your mobile device – no need to pull out your wallet or cards.

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Digital Security Device

Designed to deliver the security you expect from HSBC, the Digital Security Device provides an extra level of protection for certain types of transactions – so you can take peace of mind with you wherever you go.

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Download the app today

Getting started with the HSBC Mobile Banking app is easy. Just download it from the App Store or Google Play, and then log on with your Online banking username and your Digital Security Device password. If you don’t have a Digital Security Device, log on with your online banking password.

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