The world is changing and retirement is changing with it.

HSBC’s latest report in The Future of Retirement series, Shifting sands, looks at how important issues like the ageing population, rising healthcare costs and long term low interest rates are affecting the retirement plans of people around the world.

This report, Shifting sands, is the fourteenth in the series and represents the views of 18,414 people in 16 countries and territories – including 1,003 people in Canada.

View the Canadian report

Retirement Tips & Tools

A secure retirement depends on the investment decisions you make today.

HSBC STEP Program Retirement Planner Do you know what it may take to create a secure retirement?
Use this calculator to help you create a simple retirement plan. Learn more
HSBC STEP Program RRIF Payments Calculator* Determine how much you should withdraw from your RRIF account each year. Learn more
HSBC STEP Program RRSP Tax Tips Learn how to make the most of your RRSP contributions. Learn more
HSBC STEP Program RRSP Loan Calculator* See how an RRSP loan could help jump start your retirement savings or catch up on available contribution room. Learn more
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