How we protect you

We do everything we can to prevent online fraud and to keep your personal information and your money safe.

From account monitoring to encryption and password protection

  • Instant access to statements online
    eStatements contain the same information as paper statements
  • No risk of identity theft
    By switching to paperless banking you avoid the risk of identity theft

Global security network

To protect your account, we have a global network of security experts who work to identify threats and investigate suspicious activity. If we see something unusual that doesn't fit your banking profile, we'll try to stop the transaction from being completed – and contact you to check if it's valid.

If we discover that someone has used your account to make unauthorized payments or transfers, we'll take immediate action to minimize the impact on you. This action may include blocking transactions, suspending your account temporarily or closing your account and opening a new one.

Security technology

We use advanced security systems and software to protect your account from unauthorized use.

Log on security

Data masking

Secure web browsing

HSBC Security Device



Digital certificates

Card fraud protection

Top 5 security tips

  • Keep your passwords and security details safe, so no one else can access your online accounts
  • Download security updates and patches for the computer programs you use
  • Update your anti-virus software regularly to protect your computer against attacks from new viruses
  • Secure your Internet browser. Download Trusteer Rapport – free online fraud protection
  • Install a personal firewall to block hackers and to stop spyware from recording the personal information you enter online

We work with you to protect your account information. Under our Security Guarantee, we will fully reimburse you for unauthorized transactions conducted in your personal accounts through HSBC Online Banking or HSBC Canada Mobile Banking if you have met your security responsibilities: Know Your Responsibilities.

Security Device

The HSBC Security Device provides an extra level of protection when you bank online to ensure that only you can access your HSBC accounts.

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