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When you open your HSBC Premier Chequing Account digitally, you can add a CAD High Rate Savings Account and get up to 6.35%** total annual interest rate on new deposits until January 12, 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

HSBC Premier Chequing Account

Unlock a world of benefits for you and your family with HSBC Premier.

Unlock a world of benefits with HSBC Premier

You don’t live an ordinary life so why settle for an ordinary bank. Whether you’re investing in your future, caring for your loved ones or simply looking to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work, HSBC Premier will help you live the life you want. 

Join HSBC Premier

Find out how you can enjoy all that HSBC Premier has to offer.

Our Awards

HSBC Premier is proud to be recognized as the winner of “Best Mass Affluent Banking Offering” by the Digital Banker’s 2022 Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards.

More than just a bank account

Experience what the other banks won’t give you

A premium bank account with priority service, global support and no monthly fees when eligibility criteria is met. 

Get tailored banking advice from someone who knows you

A dedicated Premier Relationship Manager will get to know you and your needs – providing financial recommendations to support your investment, mortgage and borrowing needs.

Your family is Premier too

Go beyond everyday banking to extend your exclusive Premier benefits and privileges to your immediate family including rewards, offers and partnerships. 

Premier around the world

Whether you’re sending money to another country or visiting one yourself, your Premier status will extend beyond your borders into 29 global markets. 

Unlock everything HSBC Premier has to offer

Premier - for you

Enjoy exclusive privileges, priority services, and open & honest financial advice.

  • No monthly fee Premier chequing account with unlimited transactions (available in CAD & USD) when eligibility criteria is met
  • With no minimum balance required in your chequing account -   keep your finances flexible by putting your money in any HSBC chequing, savings, TFSAs, RRSPs and much more
  • Priority servicing through dedicated Premier phone support 
  • Premier mortgage benefits – work with your Relationship Manager to get the latest offers 

Premier - for your family

When you’re Premier, your family is Premier too – with access to global Premier privileges and preferred rates.

  • Premier status for you, your spouse and your children
  • One Relationship Manager who gets to know the whole family, to better assist with financial planning services
  • Help your children get off to their best financial start with:
    1. An HSBC Youth Savings account: offers competitive interest rates and unlimited transactions for children until 30 years of age
    2. Premier NextGen: allows you to extend your Premier qualification to children between the ages of 17 – 30 years old. See for details.
  • Family mortgage solutions to help your children get on the property ladder

Premier - around the world

Unlock Premier in one country and you can live, work and travel with Premier status around the world with HSBC. 

  • See all your HSBC international accounts in one place with Global View and free instant transfers between your HSBC accounts worldwide 
  • Convenient access to foreign currency savings accounts (USD, Euro, GBP, HKD and RMB)
  • No wire transfer fees when you send foreign exchange wire transfers less than $10,000 CAD1
  • Free overseas account opening prior to moving or working abroad 
  • Access to emergency cash available at any HSBC branch when you or your family is abroad 

Take advantage of a global network of unique partnerships, privileges and benefits that add value to every part of your life.

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Expedia / Agoda

10% discount on select hotel booking on your card with Expedia and Agoda when you book directly the HSBC Expedia & Agoda websites.

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To better support you at home, get exclusive discounts on award-winning online education and training courses for you and your family.

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15% discount on services including travel with a qualified nurse, paramedic or doctor, in-home or hospital support, or travel assist and health search.

Unlock even more with your Premier account

  • A Premier Relationship Manager will guide you through a customized goal planning journey to help you build a plan flexible enough to achieve your ambitions for a healthy retirement while growing your wealth for you and your children.
  • Flexible mortgage options with competitive rates and terms, including help with financing international properties. Work with your Relationship Manager to get the latest offers.

Enjoy Premier status & benefits with our Household Qualification Program

You can now combine deposit & investment balances and mortgage amounts with a spouse or common law partner making it easier to qualify for exclusive Premier benefits with no monthly fee2.

Refer to for details.

What you need to qualify

Whether you’re new to HSBC, or looking to upgrade, HSBC Premier is available to you when you meet one of the following criteria: 

Option 1: Deposits and/or investments

Maintain combined personal deposits and investments with HSBC Bank Canada and its subsidiaries of $100,000.

Option 2: HSBC Mortgage

Hold a personal HSBC Bank Canada residential mortgage with original amount of $500,000 or greater.

Option 3: Income deposits

Have income deposits3 of $6,500 within a calendar month plus confirmation of $100,000 or more in assets under management in Canada.

Option 4: International HSBC customer

If you’re Premier in one country, then you’re Premier in all countries HSBC operates in. 


Some exclusions apply. A monthly fee of $34.95 will be charged if you do not meet at least one of the eligibility criteria above. For full details regarding eligibility and any fees which may apply please refer to the Personal Service Charges/Statement of Disclosure.

Experience HSBC Premier today

New to HSBC?

Apply online for an HSBC Premier Chequing account.

Your identity is verified instantly with HSBC EasyID, making account opening easier and more convenient. Before you start, have one of the following pieces of I.D on-hand (make sure the I.D you are using hasn’t expired):

  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence or
  • Provincial government Issued I.D.

Already with HSBC?

Open an HSBC Premier Chequing Account through online banking.

Don’t have online banking yet?

Speak with us

Priority service through our dedicated Premier phone lines

Call 1-866 233 3838

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HSBC My Goals is an exclusive goal planning service for HSBC Premier clients4 to help set you on course to reaching your retirement, savings and education goals.

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Moving to a new country is a big change and we’re here to help. 

Not sure which chequing account is the one for you?


For The Digital Banker award information, visit site:

** All rates are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

The fee for sending wire transfers valued under $10,000 CAD equivalent from HSBC Bank Canada personal accounts is waived if the currency of the wire is different from the account currency. The CAD equivalent is determined at the time the transfer is processed. Exchange rate will apply; transfers may incur agency and/or beneficiary bank fees.

HSBC Premier requires you to have an active HSBC Premier chequing account, and either:

        1. Have personal deposits and investments with HSBC in Canada totalling $100,000 or more; or

        2. Hold a personal mortgage with HSBC in Canada with an original amount of CAD $500,000 or more.

            You can also meet the conditions in points 1 and 2 above by combining you and your spouse or common law partner’s balances through our Household Qualification Program; or

        3. Have total monthly income deposits of $6,500 or more with HSBC in Canada plus confirmation of $100,000 or more in deposits and/or investments in Canada, or

        4. Qualify for HSBC Premier in another country

Some exclusions apply. A monthly fee will be charged if you do not meet at least one of the eligibility criteria above. For full details regarding eligibility and any fees which may apply please refer to the Personal Service Charges Statement of Disclosure.

Eligible deposits are direct deposits of payroll from an employer and deposits of cheques or cash through a branch, ATM or Mobile Banking.

4 Financial goal planning/ HSBC My Goals is available in-branch to HSBC Premier clients only through an HSBC Premier Relationship Manager. HSBC Premier Relationship Managers are also mutual fund representatives with their sponsorship by HIFC.

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