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International services

Whether you're new to Canada or looking to move, study or invest abroad, we can help you bank more easily here or anywhere in the world.

We’ll help you open an account in just a few steps even before you arrive in Canada.

Bank internationally with HSBC

From seamless digital banking and special offers abroad, to wealth management, tax and relocation guidance, we move with you –⁠ whatever your global banking needs are.

Open accounts in over 30 destinations

Open an account pre-departure, or once you arrive. Plus, for certain locations, you can do it all online.

Wherever home is, your bank is too

Manage your global accounts from one place online, and make fee-free transfers between.

Settle in with a local credit card

We make it easy to apply for a credit card in a new destination.

Value-added global services

Wherever you are in the world, you can expect seamless support and professional services that go beyond banking.

Open an account

Open an account in Canada

Whether you've moved to Canada, you're coming soon or you just have Canadian banking interests, we can help you manage your money.

Open an account abroad

Our international banking team can help you open a new account in over 30 different countries and regions.

Benefit from our international services

Get the guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) you'll need for the Student Direct Stream, plus a student bank account.
Medical and dental cover if you're moving to, or just visiting, Canada.
Manage your international HSBC accounts and move money between them, securely and fee-free.
Helping newcomers become homeowners.
Explore our value-added services, from tax solutions and relocation support to special offers worldwide.

Welcome to Canada

Get your new life in Canada off to a great start with help from our international services.
Make the most of studying in your new home with our range of international services.
Help grow your wealth by choosing from our range of investments, or get personalized expert financial advice.
We've a range of small business chequing accounts to choose from, and can even help you open one before you arrive.

International support

Find out where you can bank internationally with us and how to get in touch.
Find the support you need for your Canadian accounts.

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