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Foreign Exchange Calculator

Now available at most branches - USD, GBP, EUR, HKD

Plus, almost 30 other foreign currencies! To ensure the amount needed is available, place a cash order request in advance, and pick up at your preferred branch. Chat with us online or visit a branch!


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Information correct as of:
Information correct as of:
Date: 3/1/2024

Available in the branch or via order to your local branch for pickup. Non-CAD currency FX orders debited from eligible CAD accounts. If debited from a non-CAD account, an initial transaction to convert from the account currency to CAD may be performed prior to fulfilment of order. Most orders not fulfilled on demand will typically be available via delivery to the branch in 1-3 business days but may require up to 5 days. Minimum $100 CAD equivalent order applies to in-Branch conversions. USD ATM cash available in multiples of $20 and $50.

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