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Worldwide banking

Link and manage all your HSBC accounts overseas

A smarter, faster way to move money around the world

Manage your international HSBC accounts and move money between them, securely and fee-free. 

Discounted rates on Indian Rupees*!

For a limited time, take advantage of discounted rates when you convert CAD or USD to INR. Offer ends November 30, 2023*.

Bank without borders

See all your HSBC accounts around the world in one handy place, and move money between them quickly and simply.

  • Log on once to view and manage all your accounts via online banking or our Mobile Banking app
  • Avoids having to travel with large sums of money to satisfy funding requirements
  • When you open an account abroad, you'll be able to link it to the service from 2 days afterwards

Transfer your money, fee-free

Whether you need to send money abroad for family, a mortgage or something else, you can make transfers between your HSBC Premier or Advance accounts in seconds.

  • Pay your bills, mortgage payments and more in one country while living in another
  • Transfer up to USD200,000 (or currency equivalent) per day between your global accounts
  • Move money in more than 30 countries and regions around the globe[@gvgtgavailability]

Know exactly how much you're sending

Send money to your accounts with confidence, wherever you're sending it, with up-to-the-minute exchange rates.

  • Transfer money in local currency with real-time rates during market hours, so you'll know precisely how much you're sending and receiving
  • Send money in more than 30 different currencies[@gvgtgavailability]
  • Our trusted global network guarantees secure, automated transfers, completed instantly in most currencies (up to 5 working days in others)

How it works

How much it costs

What you need to get started

To use Global View and Global Transfers, you will need to:

  • have an HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance chequing account
  • have an HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance chequing account in at least one other country or region 
  • be registered for HSBC online banking in Canada and all the countries or regions you want to link

Get started with Global View and Global Transfers

Already an HSBC customer?

To get started, log on to online banking then select 'Global View' in the menu. Global Transfers will be available to use once you've set up Global View.

New to HSBC?

You must have an HSBC Premier or an HSBC Advance chequing account in Canada and at least one other country or region to use Global View and Global Transfers.

If you don't have these accounts yet, you'll need to open them first. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.

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Additional information

* Rates are subject to change without notice. Promotion will apply a discount to the FX conversion charges when                    converting CAD or USD to Indian Rupees. Does not apply to the purchase or sale of physical banknotes. Does not                apply to negotiated rates. Personal Banking rates only. Existing currency restrictions may apply. Offer valid through              November 30, 2023.
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