Get 60 days of free trading* with HSBC InvestDirect

Open a new HSBC InvestDirect account between April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 to get 60 days of commission-free North American online equity and ETF trading* (up to a maximum of 60 trades).



*Terms and conditions apply. Read full details.

Offer details

  • When can I take advantage of this offer?

    The offer period is April 1 , 2021 to June 30, 2021.

  • Are existing HSBC InvestDirect clients eligible for this offer?

    Yes, existing clients can open a new account(s) to qualify.

  • Can I open more than one account?

    Yes, new accounts opened during the Offer Period may qualify for the offer. However, each new account opened must be a different account type from another new account opened.

  • Other important offer info I need to know

    The commission-free trades apply to North American online equity trades only, including ETFs (the “Eligible Commission-Free Trades”). Options and Fixed Income trading are excluded from this offer.

    Eligible Commission-Free Trades apply only to those new accounts that are funded from outside of HSBC InvestDirect.*


    *Terms and conditions apply. Read full details.

Why HSBC InvestDirect is the right choice for you.

Active Trader Pricing: $4.88 Online North American Equity & ETF Trades for Active Traders¹
International trading: Access to 30 international and domestic markets with the ability to settle in 10 currencies.
World class tools and research: Access comprehensive investment tools to manage your portfolio.



For persons in Canada.


*Terms and conditions  apply. HSBC InvestDirect is a division of HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate entity from, HSBC Bank Canada. HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc. is a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. HSBC InvestDirect does not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding any investment decisions or securities transactions.



1 An Active Trader is a person who conducts at least 150 Qualifying Trades (defined below) during the Trading Period (defined below) in either (a) their HSBC InvestDirect (personal sole and joint accounts (the “Personal Accounts”) or (b) their non-personal account(s) (the “Non-Personal Accounts”).  A Qualifying Trade can be any of the following: (i) online equity, ETF or option orders traded on a North American exchange, (ii) online equity trades on an International exchange except Hong Kong, (iii) any telephone equity trades, ETF or option orders on a North American or International exchange.


Every month we will determine if you are an Active Trader.  Specifically, on the 4th calendar day of every month we will add up the number of Qualifying Trades you conducted in the Personal Accounts or Non-Personal Accounts for the preceding 3 month period (the “Trading Period”).  If at least 150 Qualifying Trades were conducted in the Personal Accounts or Non-Personal Accounts during the Trading Period, you will receive for the Personal Accounts or Non-Personal Accounts, as applicable, the lower active trading rates from the 4th calendar day of the month until the 3rd calendar day of the following month.  For example, on April 4, 2021, we will count the number of Qualifying Trades in the Personal Accounts or Non-Personal Accounts for the Trading Period from January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021.  If you qualify as an Active Trader, you will receive the lower active trading rates on all trades conducted in any of the Personal Accounts or Non-Personal Accounts from April 4, 2021 to May 3, 2021.  To continue to receive the lower active trading rates, you must qualify every 4th calendar day of a month based on the trading activity during the Trading Period.  As soon as you do not qualify, we will charge you the regular trading rates until you qualify again.



We will automatically assess whether you qualify for lower active trading rates.  The trade count for Non-Personal Accounts are not combined with the trade count for Personal Accounts, and vice versa.


We reserve the right to refuse or terminate the lower Active Trader rates for your Personal Account(s) or Non-Personal Account(s) if we suspect or discover that you are abusing the proper and intended purpose of the lower rates for Active Traders.


These terms are in addition to all other terms and conditions related to your Personal Account(s) and Non-Personal Account(s).


The availability of the Active Trading rates is subject to the absolute discretion of HSBC InvestDirect and may be changed and cancelled at anytime without notice.