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A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a government-recognized, tax-sheltered account you can use to build your retirement savings. It can hold a variety of assets, including mutual funds, GICs, bonds, stocks and cash.


Any money you put into your RRSP reduces your taxable income. You usually don’t have to pay tax on your RRSP contribution or any gains you earn until you withdraw funds – typically when you are retired and are in a lower tax bracket.

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Benefits and features

  • Pay less income tax

    Your contribution is deducted directly from your current income, giving you immediate tax savings.

  • Build your wealth faster

    When you contribute regularly throughout the year, you take advantage of the power of compounding. And since income earned within your RRSP is not taxed, your investment can grow even faster.

  • Defer your taxes to a lower rate

    When you withdraw money from your RRSP, usually when you’re retired, your income is typically lower and therefore you’ll pay tax at a lower rate.

  • Contribute before the deadline

    Don’t wait until the annual RRSP contribution deadline. Add money as early as possible and take advantage of the extra time for your investments to grow, tax-free.

  • Maximize your RRSP contributions

    Try to invest the maximum shown on your previous year’s Notice of Assessment. You’ll get the maximum tax deduction now and have a bigger nest egg at retirement. If you haven’t maximised your contributions and have more room available, you can catch up using an RRSP Loan.**

  • Contribute automatically and regularly

    You can make a lump-sum contribution before the deadline, but it makes more sense to start a regular investment plan. Your investments will have more time to grow and you won’t have to worry about timing the market or meeting deadlines.

  • Set up a spousal RRSP

    If you earn more than your spouse, you can contribute to their RRSP and have the contribution deducted from your income tax.  When you retire, your spouse can withdraw funds – splitting the income more equally between you and potentially helping you pay less income tax as a couple.

  • Open a locked-in retirement account 

    If you no longer contribute to your defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan, you may be able to transfer those assets to a locked-in retirement account (LIRA or LRSP). Similar to an RRSP, money in a locked-in account can be invested and withdrawn in retirement.

  • Borrow from your RRSP to buy a home

    The Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) is a program that allows eligible RRSP holders to withdraw up to $35,000 from their RRSP in a calendar year to buy or build a qualifying home.

  • Borrow from your RRSP to pay for education

    Register for the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) and be eligible to withdraw up to $10,000 from your RRSP in a calendar year to finance full-time training or education for you, your spouse or common-law partner.

  • Avoid taking money out of your RRSP until retirement

    You can withdraw money from your RRSP at any time, but apart from the Home Buyer’s Plan and Lifelong Learning Plan, all withdrawals are considered taxable income and withholding taxes may be charged.

Build the RRSP that’s right for you

No matter your retirement needs, HSBC offers a wide range of RRSP-eligible options to help achieve your goals.

HSBC Mutual Funds

Considered a popular investment option for RRSP accounts: choose from our unique line up of funds, including one of the largest selection of emerging markets funds in Canada  and funds focused on income and dividends.

HSBC Managed Solutions1

Benefit from broad diversification across asset classes and markets with the expertise of global portfolio managers who make the day-to-day investment decisions for you.

Individual stocks, bonds, ETFs and more 

Select and manage your own RRSP investments with HSBC InvestDirect.2 Access a wide variety of securities from major international markets and pay low trading commissions.

Private investment management services3 

An exclusive, full-service solution that gives your portfolio specialized attention from HSBC's worldwide network of research analysts and money managers when you invest $1 million or more.

Savings products

Enjoy peace of mind with Variable and Fixed Rate Savings or our exclusive HSBC RRSP Ascending Rate GIC. Your principal is safe and rates of return are guaranteed.

How to apply

Open a new RRSP

Open a new HSBC RRSP Mutual Funds account online through HSBC Wealth Compass

Open a new HSBC RRSP Savings account, fixed Term Deposit, Ascending Rate GIC, or speak to a representative in branch about other investment options.

or call 1-888-310-4722

Open a new Self-Directed RRSP account with HSBC InvestDirect

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Contribute to your existing HSBC RRSP savings or fixed Term Deposit account

Contribute to your mutual fund account online through HSBC Wealth Compass

Apply for an HSBC RRSP Loan

An RRSP Loan is a great way to maximize your RRSP if you haven't reached your contribution limit. Proceeds can be invested in a wide range of options, including mutual funds and GICs.



Neither HIFC, HSBC nor any member of the HSBC Group provides tax advice. You should consult with your own tax advisors about your own tax situation before taking any decision or authorizing any transactions. You are responsible for fulfilling your tax obligations in any jurisdiction, even if those obligations relate to opening or using accounts and services offered or provided by HIFC, HSBC or members of HSBC Group. HSBC Group means HSBC Holdings plc, its affiliates, subsidiaries, associated entities, and their branches and offices, together or individually.

* Issued by HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc. (“HIFC”). Total maximum combined bonuses available of $1,100 if you meet all eligibility requirements for both Bonus Offers. Additional account options (spousal RRSP, RRIF and non-personal accounts) and investment products (HSBC World Selection® Portfolio service and HSBC Mutual Funds) are available in Branch only through these Offers. Please visit your branch or call Telefund at  1-800-830-8888 for details. Your eligibility for the Bonus Offers, including the payment of the Bonus Amounts, is subject to the 2021 Winter Bonus Offers Terms and Conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions for complete details. All amounts indicated are in Canadian dollars. Offers expire May 10, 2021.

** Using borrowed money to finance the purchase of securities involves greater risk than a purchase using cash resources only. If you borrow money to purchase securities, your responsibility to repay the loan and pay interest as required by its terms remains the same even if the value of the securities purchased declines.

1 HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc. (“HIFC”) is a direct subsidiary of HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited (“AMCA”) and an indirect subsidiary of HSBC Bank Canada, and provides its services in all provinces of Canada except Prince Edward Island. AMCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate entity from, HSBC Bank Canada.

AMCA is the manager and primary investment advisor for the HSBC Mutual Funds. HIFC is the principal distributor of the HSBC Mutual Funds and offers the HSBC Pooled Funds through the HSBC World Selection Portfolio service. HSBC Mutual Funds are also distributed through authorized dealers. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus and Fund Facts before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed or covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada, or any other deposit insurer. The net asset values of all mutual funds, including the HSBC Mutual Funds, change frequently and any past performance may not be repeated. For money market funds, there can be no assurances that such funds will be able to maintain its net asset value per security at a constant amount or that the full amount of your investment in the fund will be returned to you.

All products and services of HIFC and AMCA are only available for sale to residents of Canada, unless the laws of a foreign jurisdiction permit sales to its residents. Please contact your HSBC Mutual Fund Advisor for more details. The contents of this site should not be considered an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy products or services to any person in a jurisdiction where such offer or solicitation is considered unlawful.

2 HSBC InvestDirect is a division of HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate entity from, HSBC Bank Canada. Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund. HSBC InvestDirect does not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding any investment decisions or securities transactions.

3 The Private Investment Management service is a discretionary portfolio management service offered by HSBC Private Wealth Services (Canada) Inc. (“HPWS”) Under this discretionary service, assets of participating clients will be invested by HPWS or its delegated portfolio manager, AMCA, in securities, including but not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and derivatives. Commissions, management fees, custodial fees and expenses all may be associated with the use of the Private Investment Management service. Neither the Private Investment Management service nor any of the securities purchased as part of the Private Investment Management service are guaranteed or covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada, or any other investor protection fund or deposit insurer. The value of an investment in or purchased as part of the Private Investment Management service may change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. HPWS is a wholly owned subsidiary of, but separate legal entity from, HSBC Bank Canada and provides its services in all provinces of Canada, except Prince Edward Island.

HSBC RRSP Ascending Rate GIC™ is a registered trade-mark of HSBC Holdings plc. Used pursuant to license.

HSBC Wealth Compass™ is a trademark of HSBC Group Management Services Limited.

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