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U.S. Dollar Term Deposit

Earn a guaranteed rate on your U.S. currency savings with an HSBC U.S. Dollar Term Deposits.

U.S. Dollar Term Deposits

Invest your U.S. Dollars at a competitive rate knowing your interest rate is guaranteed – and that you can access your principal if you need to before the end of your investment term.


Is a U.S. Dollar term deposit right for you?


HSBC U.S. Dollar Term Deposits may be an ideal investment option if you:

  • Prefer a safe, secure fixed-term investment
  • Want the flexibility of being able to redeem your original investment prior to maturity1
  • Can start with a minimum investment of USD $500.00
  • Want to protect your U.S. dollars from exchange rate fluctuations

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Features and benefits

  • Plan for the future
    You know what your returns will be over time, which makes retirement and investment planning easier.
  • Access your money when you need it
    HSBC U.S. Dollar Term Deposits are redeemable prior to maturity1.
  • Choose from a variety of term lengths
    You’ll find a term that suits your needs – from 30 days to 1 year. For terms under 30 days, please contact an HSBC branch.
  • Interest paid at maturity
    You earn daily interest and it is paid out when your investment matures.
  • Renew automatically2
    You can choose to have your principal or principal plus interest renewed at maturity. If you don’t notify HSBC before maturity, we will renew your term deposit automatically at the prevailing, posted rate (certain conditions apply).
  • Protection for your deposits
    HSBC U.S. Dollar Term Deposits are eligible for CDIC Deposit Insurance

Check today’s rates to see how fast your money can grow

U.S. Dollar Term Deposits
Term Length Interest at maturity (min $500.00)
30 days 0.20%
60 days 0.30%
90 days 0.35%
120 days 0.35%
180 days 0.40%
270 days 0.45%
1 year 0.45%

Check today’s rates to see how fast your money can grow

U.S. Dollar Term Deposits
Term Length 30 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.20%
Term Length 60 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.30%
Term Length 90 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.35%
Term Length 120 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.35%
Term Length 180 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.40%
Term Length 270 days
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.45%
Term Length 1 year
Interest at maturity (min $500.00) 0.45%

Redeemable prior to maturity with no interest paid. 

Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

Some HSBC accounts and deposit products up to certain dollar amounts are eligible for insurance under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (CDIC). Learn more about CDIC and how CDIC Deposit Insurance works:

1 Redeemable prior to maturity with no interest paid.

2 You can opt into our automatic renewal option when purchasing your term deposit. If you don't notify us before maturity, we will automatically re-invest your deposit (either the principal only or principal and any interest earned) at the interest rate applicable on the date of renewal, to help maximize the growth of your savings. Consult your HSBC branch regarding any eligibility &/or restrictions with setting up an automatic renewal option on your term deposit(s).

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