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Your guide to Self-Directed Online Investing.

Thinking of taking investing into your own hands? We’re here to help you learn, and get started.

HSBC InvestDirect is a self-directed online investing solution that gives you unparalleled global reach and the freedom to invest how you want, when you want.

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The bond market can offer low-risk investment and helps to diversify your portfolio. Learn about bond pricing, bond yields, and how interest rates affect bonds.


A guaranteed investment certificate is a low-risk and safe investment option that offers an assured return on your money. Learn more about GICs.

A guide to your investment journey

Your investment journey starts here. Discover investment basics, such as the difference between bonds, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds and discover what may be right for you.

Investing in a diversified portfolio is simple with our guide to these flexible, cost-effective investment funds.

Discover the risks and benefits as well as how to gauge a stock's performance in our easy to follow guide.

Discover the benefits of mutual funds and the different types available so you can decide if this is the right way for you to invest your money.

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Discover how Stock Splits affect option prices, and gain insights on how to adjust your trading strategies.


Learn how options can help diversify your portfolio, manage risk, and potentially increase your returns as part of an RRSP and TFSA strategy.


Discover how a USD Investing Account benefits you as an investor. 


Learn about different investment strategies to suit your financial ambitions and circumstances.


Are you a more risk-tolerant investor looking for investments that get you in on the ground floor? Now you can capitalize on new opportunities as soon as they are available.


Take advantage of market fluctuations by considering options investing.


Investing in the stock market has its risks but not all risk is equal. Find out how we can help you decide if investing is right for you.


Building your investment portfolio


Find out more about the difference between saving and investing to help you decide what’s best for you.


Find out more about sustainable investing in our quick guide and see if it could work for you.


Options are an underutilized investment tool that is overlooked because they seem complicated and are perceived to be for the exclusive use of professional traders.


Volatility crush is among the more common but poorly understood terms used by new options investors.

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