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HSBC debit card

The tap feature makes your shopping experience even easier.

Your new HSBC debit card now has INTERAC Debit contactless payments®¹ (tap)

The new HSBC debit card comes equipped with INTERAC Debit contactless payments®¹. This is the contactless technology that enables you to tap for transactions $250 or less (without entering your PIN). To make a purchase, hold your debit card over the card reader and once you hear the beep or see the confirmation, you’re good to go.

Benefits and features:

A secure way to pay

Your debit card gives you access to your HSBC bank account for everyday purchases and is a good alternative to using cash. With EMV chip technology, your debit card transactions are stored and processed securely. This reduces the possibility of your debit card being used by someone else.

All your transactions, including tap, are covered under the INTERAC
 Zero Liability Policy
.  This means you are protected against fraudulent charges on your HSBC debit card.

Interac Flash - Look for one of these symbols at the checkout

Save time with INTERAC Debit contactless payments®¹

INTERAC Debit contactless payments ®¹ is a quick and secure way to pay without having to swipe or insert your card. When using INTERAC Debit contactless payments ®¹, the transaction is debited directly from your account linked to your HSBC debit card as chequing. If there isn’t an account linked as chequing, the transaction will be automatically debited from your account linked to your card as savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

®1 HSBC Bank Canada authorized user of the marks.

®2 THE EXCHANGE is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc., licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership.

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