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Mortgage Renewal

Better together

Your relationship with HSBC is valued and respected. We appreciate that you have chosen the global expertise and local commitment of our team. We're here to help you combine home ownership with a variety of complementary strategies so you can achieve long-term prosperity.

Renew with confidence

We understand that you may have questions regarding the proposed sale of HSBC Bank Canada to Royal Bank of Canada, and what’s going to happen to your mortgage terms.

When you renew with us, know that the terms of your mortgage renewal, fixed rate or variable rate, will not change no matter what name is on the door in the future. 

As a valued HSBC client, you can count on us to support your financial ambitions. Take advantage of one of our great rates today. 

How HSBC can help you renew with confidence:

  • Financial review

    When you renew your mortgage, you’ll be asked to select a new term and type of mortgage.

    If your circumstances have changed, there may be a more appropriate solution for you. We’ll help you determine if changes to your lifestyle or income suggest the need for a new approach.

  • Identify savings
    Renewing early is one way to lock in a competitive interest rate. Now may also be the time to consider switching to another HSBC mortgage product or increasing your equity. We’ll help you decide if this option is right for you.
  • Become mortgage-free faster
    Pre-payment options provide a number of ways to pay down your mortgage faster. We’ll review your current payment plan and identify all the ways you can reach your goals faster1.
  • Put your equity to work
    Home equity is a powerful resource when it’s used to achieve meaningful financial goals. Now may be the right time to ask about an HSBC Home Equity Line of Credit if you have plans to renovate, need money for tuition or want to invest for the future.

Renew your existing HSBC Mortgage today!

Five year variable** rate closed term mortgage

6.40%  (6.43% APR)*


Five year fixed rate closed term mortgage

5.94%  (5.97% APR)*

Do you have Mortgage Life and Disability coverage?

Creditor Insurance helps protect your loved ones if the unexpected happens.

How to renew

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