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Switch to an HSBC Mortgage

Special offer - 6.48% APR* 5-year variable**
closed term switch rate5

Bring your mortgage to us today!

Whether you’re a current customer or looking to explore new opportunities, we make it easy to bring your mortgage to HSBC. We’ll be with you every step of the way with your mortgage application, and offer you a competitive interest rate.1

Getting to know you

Switching your mortgage from one provider to another is easy. What matters most is that you take this opportunity to re-evaluate your needs and determine how your new mortgage will help you reach new financial goals. As an HSBC customer, you may qualify for all-inclusive banking with HSBC Premier2 or HSBC Advance3.

If your mortgage is up for renewal soon, speak to a Mortgage Specialist at 1-866-609-4722. We’ll help you plan for a smooth transition and show you the right steps to avoid unnecessary penalties or fees.

Step by step

When you switch your mortgage to HSBC, you may be able to bring your current amortization with you.

You have the opportunity to negotiate a new mortgage with a new amortization period. You also have the choice of flexible terms and a host of pre-payment options4 that may help you become mortgage-free faster.

Managing fees and charges

Switching your mortgage before the end of your current term may result in penalties or fees. Sometimes, these costs are worth the expense if you are switching for a more competitive interest rate. Other times, it’s more advantageous to wait for your current term to expire.


If your mortgage is up for renewal any time in the next six months, now is a great time to start working on your next move.

What to bring

Your time is valuable - an HSBC Mortgage Specialist can provide you with a list of documentation you'll need to provide.  The information required may vary, but typically includes the following:

  • Proof of employment
  • Personal tax returns
  • Bank account information
  • Credit history
  • Financial statements, if self employed

An HSBC Mortgage could be just what you need.

Five year variable**  closed term mortgage switch rate5

6.45%  (6.48% APR)*

Five year fixed closed term mortgage switch rate5

5.39%  (5.42% APR)*

Protect your family and home with HSBC Mortgage Creditor Insurance

How to apply

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When available, a Live Chat agent will book an appointment for you at your nearest branch.

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