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Sign up for Account alerts

Receive text messages that will help you stay on top of your account activity.

Keep track of what’s happening with your accounts

Subscribe to account alerts and we’ll send you a text message if something changes with your bank accounts. 


You choose the alerts you want to receive and the accounts you want to hear about. 

Bank account alerts

Set up these types of alerts:

  • Account balance goes over a pre-set amount

  • Account balance falls below a pre-set amount

  • Money has been paid into your account

  • Money has been debited from your account

  • Term deposit or GIC is about to mature

Other alerts

As an HSBC digital banking customer, you may receive emails or text messages related to:

  • Online banking registration

  • Password or security questions

  • Security Device activation or PIN / passcode reset

For more information, text ‘INFO’, or ‘HELP’ to 24722

Automatic account alerts coming at the end of June 2022

At the end of June 2022, you’ll start receiving automatic text message alerts on your mobile phone if your account balance or available credit falls below $100 CAD (or equivalent currency amount). This won’t affect any existing alerts you’ve set up before June.

Account alerts are designed to help you keep track of your money and fees, and to avoid potential interruptions in the use of your accounts. 


Why will I be getting automatic alerts?

  • The Government of Canada has enhanced its framework for financial consumer protection. All banks in Canada, including HSBC, will be required to provide this alert service in June 2022.


What’s happening?

  • At the end of June, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive alerts when the available balance on your bank accounts falls below $100, and when the available credit on your line of credit or your credit card falls below $100.
  • Any existing alerts you’ve set up before June won’t be affected.
  • If we don't have your Canadian mobile number, you won’t receive these alerts.
  • You will be able to turn off all alerts by texting back “STOP”.


Which accounts will I be getting automatic alerts for?

  • You’ll be getting alerts for each of your chequing and savings accounts, lines of credit and credit cards. This includes accounts on which you have not previously set up alerts.
  • If you’ve already set up alerts for any of these accounts before June, you’ll continue getting them.


More questions?

See Account alerts FAQs.


Beware of fraud

We will never send you unsolicited text messages or emails asking for confidential information, such as your password, PIN, security device codes, credit card, or account numbers. We will never ask you to validate or restore your account access through email or pop-up windows.

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