Payroll direct deposit is a simple, safe, and smart way to receive money into your HSBC account(s).

Ask your company payroll department what information they require from you in order to set up direct deposit into your HSBC account(s).

If you currently hold an HSBC chequing account, the information needed can likely be supplied by providing your company payroll department with a "VOID" HSBC cheque bearing your banking information.

If you don't hold a chequing account, you can still set up payroll direct deposit by providing your payroll department with the follow information:

  • Financial Institution - HSBC
  • Account Holder - Your full name as it appears on your cheques, account statements, and within Personal Internet Banking.
  • Account Number - The full account number for the HSBC account that you wish to have money transferred into.
  • Branch Transit Number - Every branch has a unique transit number. If you only hold an HSBC Advance Savings Account, you won't be associated with a physical branch, in which case your transit number will be 10850.

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