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Wire Transfers


A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds locally or, to or from a foreign country.

Send a wire transfer from your Online Banking account to:

  • a non-HSBC account within Canada*
  • an account internationally

* Sending $7000 or less to another Canadian bank?

Use an INTERAC e-Transfer – it’s free!

No HSBC wire transfer fee

We’ll waive our fee when you send a wire transfer:

(1) in a currency that’s different from the currency of the sending account, and

(2) that is valued under $10,000 (CAD equivalent), and

(3) from an HSBC Bank Canada personal account.

The CAD equivalent is determined based on the exchange rates at the time the transfer is processed. You may also be charged fees by agencies or banks that process or receive your transfer, which we are unable to waive.

Wire transfer limits

The daily limit is $50,000 (CAD equivalent). For wire transfers between $50,000 and up to $150,000 (CAD equivalent), you’ll need additional authorization: log on to your account, add your new wire transfer payee and then call Customer Service at 1-877-621-8811

How to send a wire transfer

To find out how to send and receive wire transfers, see our step-by-step guidesFind answers to common wire transfer questions in our Online Banking FAQs

Before you send a wire transfer make sure you have:

Available funds

  • Is the money available (not on hold) in your account to cover the wire transfer and service charges?

Up to date contact information

  • Ensure your contact details (email and telephone) are up to date: log on to your account and from the top menu go to your name > Update personal details. 

Activated security device

  • To add a new wire transfer payee, you’ll need to generate a Transaction Security Code.

Reviewed service charges

Complete information on the payee’s bank

  • Payee bank details:

- Select the payee’s bank country, city and name from the menus in wire transfer page in Online Banking - see country specific requirements

- Bank details not listed in any of the menus? Select Other and enter the information manually. Provide a Bank Identification Code (BIC) or SWIFT code for the bank in the Bank code field.

- If a BIC or SWIFT code is not available, provide a local clearing code (e.g. Clearing Code for Canada, Fed Wire for the US, CLABE for Mexico, BRB for Australia, etc.) in the Bank code field.

- If no BIC/SWIFT or clearing code is available, provide the bank’s name and full physical address (bank’s head office only).

Complete information on the payee

  • Full name and full physical address (no post office box):

- building number/name and street

- town/city

- province/state

- postal code

- country

- Bank account number or IBAN (mandatory for European banks and some other countries)

Additional information

Certain countries require specific information. If it is not provided, your wire transfer can be delayed or rejected (and it may incur additional charges).

Note: The following list is not exhaustive. Check with your payee to determine specific country requirements, if any.

China – Wire transfers in Chinese Yuan (CNY) can only be sent to commercial entities for commercial purposes. Wire transfers to persons in China can only be sent in non-Chinese currencies, e.g. USD, CAD, etc.

All wire transfers to and from China require a Reason for transaction code (also called a Purpose of Payment Code). In the wire transfer page in Online Banking, select CNY as the currency. A Reason for transaction menu will appear from which you can select a payment code:

  • /BUSINESS/GOODS TRADE – for cross-border goods trade
  • /BUSINESS/SERVICE TRADE – for cross-border service trade
  • /BUSINESS/CAPITAL TRF – for cross-border capital transfer
  • /BUSINESS/CAPITAL ACC TXN – for current account transactions
  • /BUSINESS/CHARITY DONATION – for charity donation

Canada – The payee’s 12-digit account number is required. Enter it into the Account number field (transit number + account number) and provide the bank name and address.

Europe – An IBAN is required for all transfers to European banks. The IBAN consists of the bank code, transit number, account number and additional characters of the payee’s bank account, e.g. GB5XBARC2XX73XX52XX80X9

Mexico – An 18-digit CLABE is required. Without a CLABE, your wire transfer may be cancelled by the receiving bank. Enter the CLABE into the Account number field. If a wire transfer to Mexico is routed via an intermediary bank, the payee’s bank account number for the intermediary bank must be provided.

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