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Know your banking

A guide for our senior customers

Banking for seniors

Your banking needs change through every stage of life. For example, as you move into retirement, your financial needs and obligations will change. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

This useful guide covers some important topics:

  • Managing your money
  • Protecting yourself from fraud and scams
  • Planning for retirement 
  • Different ways to bank with us, including what you can do in online and mobile banking

Advice and support

Managing your money

We want to help you bank with confidence as well as to plan for a secure financial future.

  • Seniors discount – If you’re over 60, we can waive the monthly fee for Performance Unlimited chequing accounts. To request your discount, contact us at 1-888-310-4722 or visit your branch. 
  • Letting other people manage your money - If you need to give someone authority over your bank account, you have options. Have a look at our information on Powers of Attorney and joint accounts.

Safeguarding your money

It’s important to be aware of financial crimes so you can protect yourself and your finances from fraud.

Planning for retirement

Our retirement savings tips also help you learn how to get the most out of your RRSP contribution. Use our calculators to help you see how your savings can grow.

Access the online tools and information by visiting, including a useful retirement planning calculator.

Different ways to bank with us

You can access your money at a branch, or conveniently and securely through online, mobile and telephone banking

Need help with registration? Follow step-by-step instructions in the guide below:

Resources on fraud awareness and financial abuse:

Seniors banking annual report

Learn more about how we’re supporting our senior customers.

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We do everything we can to prevent online fraud and to keep your personal information and your money safe.

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