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Wire transfers

Send a wire transfer to an existing payee

  1. Log on to your account with your HSBC Security Device. From the top menu, select Banking > Move money > My payees
  2. From your payee list, find your wire transfer payee and select Pay.
  3. Enter wire transfer details: the From account, the amount, any references (optional), the transaction amount and the date. Then, select Continue.
  4. Verify the transaction details. Select Confirm to send the wire transfer.
  5. Your wire transfer has been sent.

Add a new wire transfer payee

  1. To add a new wire transfer payee, log on to your account with your HSBC Security Device. From the top menu select Banking > Move money > My payees


2. Select New payee > Person.


3. Enter the payee’s account number or IBAN with no spaces. Write down the last seven digits of the account number (you’ll need it later). If the IBAN has letters, note the last seven numbers only, ignoring any letters. For example, for the IBAN FR1420041010050500013M02607, you would note down 1302607.

If you’re sending a wire transfer to a Canadian bank, you must provide your payee’s complete account number, including the transit. The format of the complete account number should be: transit number + account number.

If you're not sure what the transit is, please contact your payee.

Select Next to personal details.


4. Bank info not in the lists? If Bank country, Bank city or Bank name are not in the lists, select Other.

In Address lines 1 and 2, enter the bank’s full address.
In Address line 3, enter the bank code – a SWIFT or BIC is preferred. Otherwise, enter a clearing code, e.g. Fedwire, Local Clearing Code, Sort Code, etc..

If you need to include additional information, use Payment details > Payee’s reference.


5. Enter the payee’s name and complete address as below: 

    ·  Payee address (Mandatory)

    Please enter “Unit/house and Street number/name”

    ·  City location (Mandatory)

    Please enter “City/Town/Village”

    ·  Country/Region (Mandatory)

    Please enter “Province/State and ZIP/Postal Code (if applicable)”

Note: The full address must include a complete physical address. PO Box addresses are not permissible.


6. Use your security device to generate a transaction security code. Carefully follow the steps on-screen to generate the correct code and then enter it into the Transaction security code field in Online Banking. Select Save details.


7. Verify the wire transfer payee details. Select Confirm.


8. You’ve now added your new wire transfer payee to your My payees list. For a wire transfer to this payee of up to 50,000 CAD or equivalent, go to My payees, select your payee and proceed with the transaction. For a wire transfer between 50,000 and 150,000 CAD or equivalent, you will need additional authorization – please call Customer Service at 1-877-621-8811.

Receive a wire transfer

  1. To receive a wire transfer promptly, you must provide the sender the following information about your HSBC account:
    Your full name as it appears in your bank account
    Your full address as it appears in your bank account.

    Verify your personal details by logging on to your account and go to Banking > My profile > Update personal details

  2. Provide the wire transfer sender with:
    Your full 12-digit account number
    Your transit number

    You can find your account information by logging on to Online Banking, and referring to the account summary panel on the left or by looking at one of your cheques.

  3. Provide the wire transfer sender with:
    HSBC's Institution number: 016
    Your branch’s address – find your branch
    The SWIFT/BIC Code for HSBC Bank Canada: HKBCCATT

    Note: HSBC Bank Canada does not have an IBAN (International Standard for Bank Account Number).

  4. You can receive a wire transfer in Canadian dollars (CAD) and some foreign currencies.

    You will need to provide the sender with currency-specific bank information, as the transfer will go via an intermediary or correspondent bank – see the list of banks.
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